With Thanksgiving approaching I have been thinking a lot about food. If you know me and my husband you know, we LOVE food. And I wonder? What's your favorite Thanksgiving recipe?

Luca David

Oh my sweet sweet Luca. You are the most amazing surprise I have ever gotten in my life.

You are such a fun and loving little boy.
You melt your Momma's heart.

We sure do love you!!!!

Friday Favorites

Mrs Meyers Orange Clove Hand Soap

I love it when the Mrs. Meyers holiday scents come out!! One of the new scents this season is Orange Clove. YUMMMMMM. I love it. It is so warm and my kids are excited to wash their hands because it smells so good.

Mrs Meyers Iowa Pine Candle

Another holiday scent by Mrs Meyers, I was so glad that they brought back Iowa Pine. It was lasts years scent and it's sooo sooo good. This candle makes my home smell warm and wintery... yes wintery.

Pomegranate Seeds

I love pomegranate seeds but it is always a pain to get the seeds out. I find myself not wanting to buy pomegranates because it's such a pain. WELL... Costco sells them in packs, ready to eat. Oh my goodness, I'm addicted. They are my new favorite snack. If you have a Costco membership, get over there and buy some. They are a really healthy, tasty snack and are great in salads too.

Margaret Soother Tea - Tea Source

Tea is a must for me in when the weather gets cold. I love starting my day with coffee and ending it with tea. My favorite, and a staple in my house, is Margaret's Soother from the Tea Source. It is amazing. It is a blend of mints with a hint of licorice root. This tea is a MUST TRY. You will be addicted. Sitting down with a cup of Margaret's Soother is the perfect way to end the day.