Okay Tanya, I'm back.

"You know I check your blog all the time, and there's nothing new. When are you going to start back up again." That is what I hear from my neighbor Tanya every time I see her. Alright Tanya, I am going to try to keep up with this a little better than I have the last year.

So where have I been... where do I start. My sweet husband has had an extremely busy touring year which means life for me gets extra busy holding down the household. I also have been facilitating childcare for my niece and two other sweet little ones in addition to caring for my boys. All of this amongst keeping up with all the other happenings in life. Can you say "Full Plate?" It's been a crazy year but a good and rewarding year too.

One thing that has been happening this past year that we are excited about is this !!!

My husband and his band mates have been working super hard this year and we are really hoping all the work and sacrifice pays off this year.

My 10 minutes of free time are up. So there you go Tanya and everyone else who might be reading. Let's see if I can keep it up a little better this time. Until next time.....