Friday Favorites

Now that the weather has been warming up I am getting the itch to play in my gardens. I love my gardens and love that from the end of April until the snow falls I usually have so many flowers to cut and fill my house with. My gardens right now are just beginning to see signs of life but I am craving floral life in my house. So.... I went a little crazy at Trader Joes yesterday. (They always have a great selection of flowers!!!) My house feels so much more bright and cheery and looking at the vases of flowers throughout my house makes me smile!

For this weeks "Friday Favorites" I thought I would share with you my favorite flowers for early spring.


This is an obvious one. Tulips are a staple in my house in the Spring. I had to buy these ones but am eagerly anticipating cutting ones from my own garden. They have just started to peak out of the ground.


Daffodils always remind me of early Spring and Easter. They are so fresh and bright and I love how their stems through a glass vase. FYI, they are super cheap to buy! (usually $2 or less for a bunch of 10)


You have to understand, when I see these at the store I get giddy. Ridiculous, I know. But there is just something I LOVE about these flowers. They aren't easy to find sometimes so if I see them, I usually buy them. Yesterday was a different story. My neighbor and I went to Trader Joes in the morning and there were about 4 buckets filled with Ranunculus. Four Buckets!!! I love you Trader Joes! These blooms also make me think about my friend Meghan, she told me once that these were the flowers in her wedding bouquet. Excellent choice Meghan.

There you have it. My favorite blooms to start the Spring. Now go out and treat yourself to some flowers!

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