It's Been A Crazy Weekend

I have been terrible this past week about posting on my blog. I made a last minute trip to Nashville to for a long weekend. Luca flew the friendly skies for the first time in his sweet little life. He did fabulous. I am so thankful to have children who do great traveling. I guess travel is a way of life for them so they have to like it. Tyler and I had some great, needed time together. And while Tyler worked, I caught up with friends and even had time to get a haircut. Thanks Brian!

Meanwhile, back in Minnesota. Tyler's parents had a sleep over weekend with Søren and Östen. Unfortunately, our relatively non-sick winter came to an end. Søren threw up one night, Östen had a terrible croup weekend and Søren ended the weekend with a sore throat and a cough. I picked up my two congested, coughing little boys Sunday and realized I should probably make a stop at urgent care to make sure Søren didn't have strep. Sure enough, he did. So we had a relaxing evening of laying low and an early bedtime for all. I had fully anticipated a good night of sleep for our little household. Not so much. My poor Östen woke up crying because his ear hurt and proceeded to moan and cry until 7 a.m. So I sat up with him and rubbed his back and tried everything I could to help him. Nothing really worked. So off to the doctor we went in the morning. Diagnosis: a bad ear infection and a ruptured ear drum!! No wonder he was in such excruciating pain.

So now I have a refrigerator full of Amoxicillin and a medicine-giving schedule to follow: antibiotics, pain meds, ear drops, electrolytes, love and snuggles. I'm hoping Søren will be well enough to go to school tomorrow: if his darn fever would go away and his cough would let up a little. I am so thankful that Luca is not catching anything so far from his brothers. We are in rest and recovery mode at our home.

Apparently sickness has hit Second Street hard this week. To all of you Second Street mom's with sick little ones, hang in there and let's go out when the smoke clears.

Quote of the day: Søren after sneezing and blowing his nose for about the thousandth time today "Life's really not working out for me today." Ha.